Inside the Artist’s Studio with EOLO PAUL BOTTARO

Melbourne based artist Eolo Paul Bottaro reveals the inner sanctum of his studio in the lead up to his forthcoming exhibition at James Makin Gallery (July 2013).


Bottaro is one of the few contemporary painters who makes their own paints from hand ground pigments, having researched pre-industrial revolution painting techniques that existed before paints were packaged in tubes, and artists consequently lost intimate control of what actually goes into them. It’s an interesting and rarely thought about facet of painting – what ingredients constitutes the paints contemporary artists use – yet one that has a dramatic impact on the visual outcomes achievable. Bottaro claims it gives him greater control over his colour palette.

By mixing powdered pigments with egg tempera and oils, he create paints that have a brilliant intensity. As such, his studio is filled with various tools of the trade that are appealing eye candy in themselves, such as jewel-like jars of coloured pigments, and masses of well-loved sable hair brushes.

Some snaps for your viewing pleasure, with thanks to photographer Daniel Mahon.

Daniel Mahon

Daniel Mahon

Daniel Mahon

Daniel Mahon

Daniel Mahon

Daniel Mahon

All images courtesy Daniel Mahon.




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